D2™ Portable Stand

When a wall mounted D2™ is not desired or there is a need to have the device available in different locations, the Portable Stand is an ideal solution. Locking castor wheels make the stand easy to move and then lock in place on most floor surfaces. Easy to use wall braces give an optimal user experience and then fold down to move the device. The D2™ can be secured to the stand easily and the device can be raised and lowered easily using the electronic controls.



Product Features

  • Made to last with sturdy steel construction
  • Four locking castor wheels give maximum flexibility
  • Easy to mount the D2™ device to the stand
  • Wall braces stabilize the board and fold down when not in use


  • 30” long; 55” wide
  • Weight: 156 lbs.
  • Shipped in a crate that is 73.5” x 53” x 19.5” and shipping weight is 375lbs
  • The front of the D2™ is 20” from the wall when using the braces
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